New Products Block

Purpose: The New Products Block is great for showing off the new additions to your store’s inventory. This tutorial explains how to enable, disable, and customize the New Products Block.

First, log in to your store’s Back Office / store admin, then click on the Modules tab.¬†Scroll down to where you see the New Products Block module.


By default, this module is enabled. You’ll see the newest products in your inventory displayed. But if you haven’t added anything for a while, the block will empty out, and that can make your store look stale. Sometimes it’s better to hide the New Products Block so your store homepage looks well kept all the time.

To disable the module, click on the green checkmark.

The green checkmark will change to a red X, signifying that the module is disabled. To enable the module again, just click the red X.


Click on >> Configure.

In the module, enter the number of new products you want to display on the homepage. The default is four, and the default width of the store is about four products, so multiples of four will look best (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.). Click Save to save your changes, then check your store’s homepage to verify the update.

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