Change your username and password

Purpose: Your store admin (Back Office) account has an associated email (username) and password. You can change either or both of these things at any time. The tutorial explains how to change your store admin account username and password.

1. Log in to your store’s Back Office and click on the Employees tab.

2. On the Employees tab, your current profile should be listed. Click on the Pencil Icon (Edit) on the right side of the row. This brings up a page where you can edit your information.

3. The page shows a few fields with your profile information. For this tutorial, we’re only covering the ones that let you change your username and password.

a. Your username is your email address. To change your username, simply replace the current email address with your new one.

b. To change your password, carefully type (or copy and paste) your new password into the “Password” field.

4. Click Save to save your changes.  You may be automatically logged out of your store, so be prepared to log in with your new username/password combination.

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